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9306 Harford Road
Parkville, MD 21234


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We actually make fundraising FUN!

Tired of selling candy and pizzas to your co-workers to earn money for your charity or child's sports team?

Sully's has the solution, and best yet, it doesn't cost you a single out-of-pocket dollar and we do nearly ALL of the work. It's true!

Sully's Comedy Cellar Fundraisers put the FUN back into Fundraising!

Come out for a fun evening, leave with a smile on your face and fat cash for your charity or group!  The average ticket price is $15; thus, a $7.50 profit for each ticket sold.  There are additional options for ticket pricing.  

Call or email Annemarie for details at 443-928-1431.

Ask about our all-inclusive fundraiser which includes all of your sodas, coffee/tea and alcohol!

By the way... the tickets sold to your fundraiser are good for 3 months after the event. In other words, if something comes up and someone can't make it, they can use their ticket for 3 months at any Friday or Saturday night show not identified on our website as a "Special Event". It's also handy when selling tickets!  If a perspective ticket buyer says they are "busy" the night of your fundraiser, you can tell them it's not a problem because they can still support your group by purchasing tickets and see another show!

And it doesn't cost you a single out-of-pocket dollar.  The only money you'll give us is 50% of the ticket sales after the completion of your show.

Let's make your fundraiser a huge success...without peddling pizzas, candles and candy!

Bringing big laughs without sacrificing class

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SULLY'S Comedy Cellar
9306 Harford Road
Parkville, MD 21234

Dinner, a show then live entertainment: We're the only place in town where you can do it all under ONE ROOF. The Bowman, with 2 dining areas & newly-renovated bar is just upstairs from Sully's, featuring live entertainment after the show!

AFTER SHOW DEAL: Bring your Sully's receipt up to the bar at The Bowman and your 1st drinks are BUY ONE GET ONE FREE!