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Maryland's Medium: Margaret Minnick (Special Event)

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Maryland's Medium: Margaret Minnick
Saturday, December 1, 2018 1:00 PM
Sully's Comedy Cellar, Parkville, MD
  • 18 & over
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  • Special Event
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  • Ticket Price: $30.00
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  • Show Type: Stand Up
  • Restrictions: 18 & over
    Two items minimum
    Special Event

A Fundraiser for Josh Goble --  Josh turned 5-years-old in November.  He recently underwent surgery for a brain tumor.  To help with the cost of everything that Josh and his family is and will be enduring in the coming months, we are holding this fundraiser to help with some of the costs associated with his illness.  ALL PROCEEDS will benefit Josh Goble.

Margaret Minnick: Margaret was born and raised in Southwest Baltimore. Her great-great grandmother was born with a "veil on her face", which in turn may be where the gift started.  Margaret was born with a gift also, and in time, as she grew, her abilities grew and became more clear.

From a very early age, Margaret knew that she was different.  At about 6-years-old, she awoke one night to witness the Virgin Mary accompanied by a man holding a long cane and with them was a lamb.  The Virgin Mary was kneeling by her bedside praying.  That night, Margaret left her room and slept with her grandparents.  It was not until years later that she welcomed the vision that she had witnessed that night.  Her next vision came about a year later when she saw a man hanging in the middle bedroom of that same house.

It was not until she was about 14-years-old when she began seeing again.  Once again, the visions left her until she was around 22.  From that point on, the visions, along with the connections started full force and not only could she see, but she also heard and felt the individuals that came to her.

Margaret has the ability to feel the way someone has died.  Whether it be a gunshot or drowning, she can feel it. She also has the ability to '"tap" into your memory so as to see your past.  But one of her greatest gifts is the ability to take your hand and let you "see" what she "sees".  Sadly, not all can see as she does, but when they do, they see their loved one as they are now in their "new body" not as they looked when they passed.

Sadly, she kept her gift a secret and locked away for many years.  Reason being that there are many that do not accept her as she was born; they see her gift -- as some have said -- "the devil".  It was not until Spring 2013 that she met a woman, Joann Keller, at the ice cream truck that would forever change her life.  And from then on... no more secrets.

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SULLY'S Comedy Cellar
9306 Harford Road
Parkville, MD 21234

Dinner, a show then live entertainment: We're the only place in town where you can do it all under ONE ROOF. The Bowman, with 2 dining areas & newly-renovated bar is just upstairs from Sully's, featuring live entertainment after the show!

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